No matter what stage you are in with your business at Amazon, we offer expert advice and implementation on a range of subjects, all designed to make your business grow and help you achieve your goals.



Strategic Consulting

Whether your business was born on Amazon, or you have been selling products and services in the traditional channels for 50 years, having the best strategy for selling on Amazon is critical. Trek is different because we know what it takes to navigate the important decisions from the Vendor and Seller point of view. We can assist with your Pricing Strategy, Channel Policy, Organizational Change, Go to Market Plans, even Category and Competitive Strategies.

Marketing Strategy

Getting your products listed and selling on Amazon is an important step, but knowing how to attract eyeballs to your pages requires expertise. You need to optimize your listings, have a search engine optimization (SEO) plan, and understand the best way to merchandise your products. Then you’ll want to implement paid search and possibly engage the Amazon Media Group to help you grow your brand both on and off Amazon.  


Account Management

Retail or Marketplace? (Vendor or Seller?) Amazon offers options with how your products are procured and who sets the price, and this relationship can be complicated. It usually involves some negotiations around profit margin that impact many areas of your business: forecasting, promotions, revenue growth and supply chain. And once you are in good standing, having the ability to do opportunity analysis and financial modeling ensure that your future is in your hands.


Data Analytics

W. Edwards Deming famously said “What gets measured gets done.” Analysis is not only a core competency at Trek, but critical to having a successful Amazon business. Data drives decisions and inputs dictate output. It sounds simple, but few companies actually manage their ecommerce business with a data-driven backbone. Trek can help implement the tools you need to begin thinking like Amazon, and that will lead to a greater understanding of your opportunities and future.


Training and Workshops

More than just vendors and sellers, Amazon touches so many industries as they expand their business model. If you are a marketing agency, market research firm, brokerage firm, manufacturer, or law firm, we can customize training on a variety of topics to any audience size. We are happy to provide on-site or remote training.


Supply Chain

Perhaps Amazon’s greatest strength (who doesn’t love two-day shipping?) is their fulfillment network. It is an incredibly powerful advantage not only for Amazon, but for getting YOUR products into the hands of consumers as quickly as possible. Trek can help you not only decide how to engage Amazon’s supply chain, but also how to optimize your own supply chain to reduce cost and time.


Product Strategy

The first 90 days of a product’s life cycle on Amazon are arguably the most important. And the preparation and planning should begin a couple of months before launch. We’ve launched thousands of products on Amazon and know how to re-engineer vendor processes AND teach you the what/why/how of getting your product launch off on the right foot to maximize revenue and profit.


International Strategy

We’ve worked in almost every market where Amazon exists, so whether you are needing some expertise on shopper behavior in Japan, category sizing analysis for Germany, or need a distributor contact in India, we can help.